How Do I Wear Compression Socks?

How Do I Wear Compression Socks?

For some individuals, these socks can be difficult to wear, especially for diabetic patients. To make compression socks as easy to use as possible, follow these guidelines:

Start in the morning

The legs are usually the least swollen or inflamed in the morning, so it is easiest to put on compression socks when you get out of bed for the first time.

Prepare Your Legs

In winter, when the weather is dry, many people braze their legs, and some people add a thin layer of powder to their calves to help the socks slide. If it is still hard to put on the socks, please wear a pair of rubber gloves (like the rubber gloves you wear when washing dishes) to help hold the socks in place more evenly.

Check Pressure

The socks should feel the tightest at the ankle and slowly release the pressure on the calf. Suitable socks should also be about 2 inches below the knee, and the heel of the socks should match your heel. If the socks do not fit your legs, or the pressure on the entire compression stocking is even, please see a doctor see if it is more suitable. Although socks are hard to wear, they should not be too uncomfortable to wear every day.

Daily Check

The socks can be moved throughout the day. Therefore, it is important that checking the compression socks regularly throughout the day. The wrinkles on the socks should be smooth to maintain optimal pressure.

Proper Care

After all, a large part of wearing compression socks is to make them durable. After proper care, your socks can last for six months. However, if possible, changing two pairs every two days is helpful, because socks should be worn every day.

Take off your socks before going to bed. Wash your hands with soap (preferably soap that does not contain dyes and chemicals) and warm water. Put the socks in a place with sufficient air circulation and let them dry. If your socks are partially wet in the morning, blow them dry with a hairdryer for a few minutes or until they are completely dry. Compression socks should not be damp after being put on.